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Hello There!

Let me start by saying a big thank you for spending some of your precious time to learn more about me! To begin with, I am an independent freelance photographer, and I shoot portraits, events, my travels, and strangely enough, aquarium fish.

As such, this portfolio is divided in two section. My personal projects and commissioned work. Through my personal projects, I hope my viewers are able to to gain an appreciation for some of the things I'm passionate about. In this section, my works revolve around my travels & explorations, overcoming adversity and death.

Traveling and exploring has always been one of the biggest influences on my work. Say something about hiking and my own two feet. Say something about why overcoming adversity is so important to me. Say something about death.

My commissioned work generally consists of portraiture, event photography and aquatic photography. Elaborate on the three. Talk about how you started photography. Describe how you can bring your lights anywhere and be comfortable

Talk about portraiture

Talk about events

1 Year Old Birthday Celebration

Something about aquatic photography

"Snow" Alligator Gar

running a small photography operation. Being a small operation, I take pride in being able to provide a completely personalized experience for my clients.The majority of my work consists of Portraiture & Aquatic Photography. Location photography is a niche of mine, as you will see in my portfolio. Please browse my online portfolio, and do not hesitate to drop me an email or call should you like to make an inquiry about my services.

Yours truly,

Alexander Eng

Mobile: +65 8233 3659

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